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I just don't know anymore.

I don't know if no talking with friends on the internet includes Livejournal but I hope not, because it's not like I'm talking to anyone, just myself and this journal. Surprisingly it helps a lot. But I'm not allowed to talk to anyone online until 3 because my mom is upset that I'm not at school. I woke up today, and I was going to go to school but then I just broke down because Jon and I are fighting and a lot of bullcrap with a bunch of other people. I told my mom I wasn't emotionally okay for school, I didn't want to just break down crying all day... so I asked to stay home. She was mad, I could tell but I think she understood because she said I could stay home. I went back to bed and woke up only to random text messages from Jon. It's 10 and I'm finally out of bed.

I want to be productive since I'm not going to school.
Things I need to do before 9 o clock tonight:
All Laundry and Dirty Clothes
Write NHS Essay
Clean Bed Sheets and Blankets
Clean room entirely

Get gym uniform ready for tomorrow
Read 4 chapters in Lord of the Flies
Do Beast Journal for LOTF
Study for Ionic Formula Quiz by making Flashcards
Do 5.4 Questions in Chemistry Book

Find out Algebra2 Homework from Emily
Get bookbag ready for school
Email Coach about missing practice today
Email Ms. Butler about homework
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