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I wanna hold you.

Well I want you to notice
To notice when I'm not around
And I know that your eyes see straight through me
And speak to me without a sound
I want to hold you
Protect you from all of the things I've already endured
I want to show you
Show you all the things that this life has in store for you
I'll always love you
The way that a father should love his daughter
When I walked out this morning
I cried as I walked to the door
I cried about how long I'd be away for
I cried about leaving you all alone
So I wanted to say this
Cuz I wouldn't know where to begin
To explain to you what I have been through
To explain where your daddy has been

Sometimes emotions get the best of us. My emotions have gotten the best of me tonight. I wish things weren't real. And I wish there was no real way life is supposed to be. I wish that I could be perfect and make everyone proud. I wish I had all the things I deserve. I wish I could be amazing. I wish I could do something... that mattered
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