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I'll hide you in my walls.

Whether she appreciates it or not, I do. I appreciate the fact that you have been mature enough not to fully take sides and to show me both sides of this arguement. The struggle you have been through and the ways you have overcome it, cause total adoration towards you. I'm very proud of the path you're choosing for yourself, even though it may be hurting you right now. But I'm glad that path consists of no more drugs and bad decisions. You are amazingly smart. That's why I'm encouraging you right now to never smoke, drink or do any kind of drug ever again. Do you know how amazingly beautiful you are? These are just some things I have to say to you right now because you're not being appreciated. Yeah, you may have given my point of view, but I know you have not chosen a side, and I respect that.

Thank you so much for our talks, thank you for letting me open up to you, and not leaving me when I couldn't talk about things. I appreciate you as a friend for understanding me, and this all may just come as a surprise. But me opening up comes with time and trust. And I trust you Avrielle, I trust you now. Thank you for waiting, thank you for understanding and sorry just in this moment in time I finally realized how much trust I have for you.

Thank you so much, thank you for not taking sides and thank you for the advice, I'd try to make things right but she has too many demands on me to be the way you were. I can't be you, although I could try, but I don't think it's me that needs to change out of her and I. We all will mature later than others.

And one day, Julie, you will appreciate the things you have.
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