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First. then Second

This entry is going to be negative
because I want it to be apart from the positive
because my day, personally, was amazing
until I had to think of 3 people that I hate.

You know what Julie, I hope you know some things.
I hope you realize, like I explained to Av,
that the reason I lost Peter,
was because I constantly said shit about Alison
Because she used to hurt you
and I would be the one to help you.
I lost my friendship with Peter
for you.
And to your surprise...
I was 10 million times closer to him
then you EVER will be.

Granted, Peter and I had some problems
But for the most part, we were okay.
But any time I said anything about Alison
It was for you
And don't you DARE doubt that for a second
Cause I have witnesses
To those nights on your bed
Where all 3 of us would laugh
about how ugly you thought she was
about how stupid/arrogant and retarded she was.

Don't pretend those days never existed
Cause guess what Julie, I may have been a bad person
But so were you
You are just as much to blame
But you got what you wanted
And I don't really care.
Oh and now you have Shaune hating me too.

I hope you're soooooo proud of yourself.
Seems like you're the true bitch.

Oh and then.. a song on the radio coming home..
Why does it make me think of him?
Jon saw it on the movie and said "he smiled..."
Yeah.. he did smile.
That's nice and all
But why isn't he here with me now?
If he was so happy...

=l things you have never been through, things you can't imagine, things i hid from you, so you wouldn't be exposed to some of the hurt i have. julie, sometimes i hid things from you so you wouldnt pity me, so you wouldnt care so much, because i KNEW one day you'd walk away. i hope alison treats you well. you were friends with me to replace av and now youre friends with alison to replace me. i'm not the only one who thinks this way. i don't care if you think i'm a bitch, i really really don't care. but if you think about it, all youre honestly accusing me of, is being afraid to open up to you. i'm sorry julie, not all of us want that kind of attention.
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