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I just hope I don't talk about him too much

I randomly woke up at 6:30 in the morning today
That really bothers me because uh.. hello it's a holiday?
But that's alright, I went downstairs and watched tv
On commercials I would read AP... or atleast try to.

Then my mom woke up and I decided I didnt want to be downstairs
I don't know why, I was just really cranky.
So I went upstairs and just read AP forever.
Then Jon called at like 7:30 cause he was shopping at 4AM
[Black Friday]

So we decided we'd hang out all day until my game.
So he got to my house around 9 AM
We went out, ate and hung around.
I love him so much and he was happy today.
Kept tickling me, embarassing me AS ALWAYS.
But I love him to peices.

Then we came back to my house for a while.
We just bummed around in my room and then TRIED to watch tv
But no, Jon is 5 and kept annoying me while I was trying to watch
But I secrelty love when he's immature.
We watched part of the Last Sammurai
Then my dad came in the room and made asian noises.

So Jon had to go home and I got ready
I went to the school, it was so damn cold in there
We all warmed up and scrimmage Woodson.
Last year we lost by about 40 motherfucking points.
This year, we were down 5 players and one was our point.
I didn't start but as soon as he put me in I stayed in
For about 5 quarters.
[We played 6 quarters, 8 minutes each]
They weren't keeping a record of fouls
So I used it to my advantage because the team was manly.
They were all a foot taller than us and it bothered me
So I posted up and just hurt them
In a real game, I would have fouled out 2 times.
I had over 10 fouls atleast.

Then I came home, ate dinner with the family.
My Mom invited Jon over for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow
At my grandparents house.
I can't tell if he wants to come or not..
It's okay if he doesn't, I just hope he tells me

I have to get up at 6:30 to go to work tomorrow.
Then I have practice straight from work.
And then hopefully I can get some homework and studying in.
Then I'll go to my Grammas and hopefully Jon will come.
If not I'll spend Sunday with him.

I love him :D

PS My butt has been smacked so far 4 times this season
The record goes as follows:
Krebs = 3 times
Christine = 1 time

.. Why do they have to lesbian me in a game??
PS I miss Av's rebounds :[

Oh yeah and we only lost by about 15 to Woodson today.
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